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My name is Kathy Morrison,I was in a accident March 24,2011 by tripping over phone line in a store and having to get acl surgery and problems with my back.After my knee had healed my walking was not normal,was walking with a cane and limping on the leg I had surgery on,So I started out at a gym very confused and not understanding what was going on with my walking,I did a exercise class in the water nine months straight three days a week my walking did not change but my weight came off,I lost 83 pounds all together and here it is 2 years later and I have kept my 73 pounds off.When  a person has been put through what I have been through you just keep fighting and don't give up.I even went to McGee  hospital for testing for heritary spastic pareligia and it came back that I am just a carrier.Ever since my accident I started having problems with my lower back,went to hospital for my back and they treated me but referred me to a doctor that denied me services so I called my family doctor and she is sending me to a pain clinic due to my bulged disk now,I have been through so much since my accident I pray that some day I will get relief from this all.My husband taking care of me with all my bills and everything cause I can not get any kind of help money wise because I did not have enough work history to get social security,But I learned through this all,never give up no matter how hard it gets.When I noticed my weight coming off I started watching my food intake and for my snacking I used ideal shape products,they really do help a lot.Before I lost my weight I could never do the things I wanted to do but now I lost the weight I have so much energy I can do anything.For instance on my weight loss journey I was up at 4 am baking cookies for the men over seas,that made me very happy to do that.To this day I don't know whats going on with myself but there is one thing I will not ever do is to give up,until these doctors give me answers I will not.I am very happy that I was able to lose what weight I did, and to keep it off for two whole years a total of 73 pounds.Now after two years thinking I had hsp I find out this is all due to a stroke,so I will be starting up rehab now.everything I been through and losing all this weight is my only happiness through this all and keeping it off for 2 years.Here it is two years still having problems with my walking and talking.I went to Clevland Clinic and the one doctor said no stroke,thank god.Now the second doctor told me I have post tramatic stress and put me on a medicine for this,he told me this will help my speech and walking so after all everything I been through I never gave up and my weight is excellent a total of 73 pounds through this all!One thing I need to say if you have been through an accident or any other problem don't let the stress get over welling cause been through what I have stress can ruin your life.I love my family so very much,they all helped me through this all.

Kathy Morrison



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