OR, you can eat 2 small fresh oranges per day instead of juice

Garden of Life is the best protein shake (and bars) for weight loss that we have tried, because it has no whey to raise blood sugar, and it suppresses the appetite.


It comes in different flavors, but we prefer the vanilla flavor because it is versatile. Blend in cacao powder if you are craving chocolate, or add blueberries or strawberries instead for a treat. Make it as sweet as you like by adding Truvia Sweetener —>


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Either choice, space small portions out throughout the day to keep blood sugar steady during the low carb “Take Off” start-up and plateau-breaker phase

LA Weight Loss TakeOff Juice - Slim, Detox & Cleanse in Just 2 Days!

Alli studies show that for every 5 lbs you lose on your own, it will cause and additional lose of 2 to 3 lbs per 5 lbs lost.


Alli is a fat blocker, that has been proven to help you lose weight faster. 


You do not need Alli with our plan.  Our plan typically loses 2 to 3 lbs per week on average.  However for those who need faster weight loss,or to break through a stubborn plateau, this may help. 

We know for sure it works, but we are not medical professionals, so always consult with your medical professional first.

· Certified usda organic, non-gmo project verified, nsf certified for sport, informed-choice for sport certified. Certified vegan, gluten free, dairy free, soy free

· Refuels and repairs muscles

· Complete multi-sourced plant protein

· Eat anytime throughout the day to replace or in addition to your protein intake

Four decadent flavors; peanut butter chocolate, chocolate min, chocolate fudge, sea salt caramel

Lower Budget Bars

SAM-e helps in 3 ways…


1.  Elevates Your Mood  (see amazing results in a week or two)

2.  Cleanses & Detoxes your liver

3.  Maintains healthy joint cartilage, so you can be more active without pain


Individuals with bipolar disorder (who already experience extreme highs in mood naturally) should not take SAM-e


Our body produces SAM-e naturally, but less and less as we age. This explains why children are so happy and forgiving and lose those traits as they age.

Nutratech Ultra Cleanse –Help Support Weight Loss, Digestive Health, Increase Energy Levels, and Entire Body Purification with our Powerful 14 day Colon Cleanse and Detox SystemExtra Strength Apple Cider Vinegar Pills – All Natural Weight Loss, Detox, Digestion & Circulation Support & Cayenne – Powerful 500mg Cleanser, Premium-Non-GMO Cider CapsulesNature's Way Alive! Once Daily Women's Multivitamin, Ultra Potency, Food-Based Blends (240mg per serving), 60 TabletsNature's Way Alive! Once Daily Men's Multivitamin, Ultra Potency, Food-Based Blends (291mg per serving), 60 TabletsNutricost Psyllium Husk Powder 500 Grams, 5g Per Serving

Psyllium Husk is a fiber powder (same as Metamucil only without added flavors.  Fiber helps in weight loss by absorbing calories, thickening food or drinks to make them more filling, and it has a mild laxative effect.


We like to add a teaspoon to our protein shakes before blending

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Additional Dietary Supplements and Vitamins to Consider
WonderSlim Low-Carb High Protein Dessert/Double Chocolate Cake Mix (7 Servings/Box) - Low Carb, Trans Fat FreeReady to